Birthday Party Pricing

We offer three different birthday party packages. 

Party Package pricing begins with a $200 party fee with includes:
  • Set-up
  • "How To" presentation
  • Party guidance
  • Clean-up
Package A

$25/person and includes:
  • medium size glass container
  • base materials
  • one plant
  • 12 each accessory materials (4 themed materials, 4 stone materials, 4 decorative materials
    • Can choose from fairy garden, sports theme, or nature theme
Package B

$50/person and includes:

  • Medium and large size glass containers
  • Base materials
  • Two plants
  • Choice of 24 accessory materials (8 themed materials, 8 stone materials, 8 decorative materials)

Package C

$100/person and includes:

  • Terrarium Container Bar
    • Choice of multiple small, medium and large glass containers displayed for guests
  • Base materials
  • Plant Bar
    • Provide a 4:1 plant offering for guests
  • Accessories Bar (12 themed materials, 12 stone materials, 24 decorative material)
    • Custom themed materials available for this package.

Terrarium Delivery Pricing

Local delivery only to the Bay Area Peninsula between Burlingame and Santa Clara, east of the 280. 

Medium Themed Delivery $75
    You choose a theme and we will create and deliver a beautiful, medium-sized terrarium to celebrate 
    a birthday, wedding or to say thank you. 

Large Themed Delivery $125

    This terrarium comes in a large container, and will be a gorgeous decorative piece that 
    compliments any space. Send someone this terrarium and provide them with something as beautiful 
    as a floral arrangement, but self-sustaining that will continue to bring the recipient enjoyment 
    for a long time. 

Backyard Instillation Pricing

Turn Over a Toadstool will come to your home and install a fairy garden in your backyard. Prices are quote based on scope of the project and provided upon request.